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Course & Methodology
Conversational - From everyday simple conversation to stylish, idiomatic conversation

Grammar - From basic tenses and grammar points to TOEFL/IELTS level structures

Methodology-Workshop classes, lots of oral/written exercises, lots of stage/group discussion work, lots of multi-media teaching aids, workbooks/reference books/reading lists, periodic submission of written homework, vocabulary building audios

Pronunciation & Accent- Reading dictionary phonetic symbols, intensive listening and speaking practice

Composition- Day-to-day reviews on lectures, grammar- based compositions, précis writing, letters, essays, reports, speeches

Group discussion - On dozens of current and vital topics

Public Speaking - A dozens speeches in smaller groups and on the stage, a final speech in a big auditorium

Creative Visualization - The technique of creating a powerful future through goal-setting and visualization

Reading Comprehension - For competitive exams like TOEFL/IELTS and others

Speed Reading in English

A rich and exciting library of audio cassettes/CDs, Computer CDs, VCD/DVD movies, novels, biographies, motivational and factual books, magazines

Student Progress - Monitored through daily and weekly tests, periodic Guardian-Teacher Reports, a Public Speaking Function

Personal Attention - Very loving personal guidance by the teachers, individual counselling by the office assistants (our past students)

Highly-qualified English teachers check students’ written assignments and conduct remedial grammar lectures

Our motto is not only to teach our students English, Public Speaking, Group Discussion and Self-Development, but also to build their strong careers and character through goal-setting, self-confidence, persistence and hard work

The language of instruction and use in class is strictly English

We recommend a short-term Beginner's Course in English for students who need special help (Enquire about it if necessary)

A Certificate of Merit (for both English and Public Speaking) is awarded to only those students who complete the required course work/homework submission/speech-making, etc.
Keys to Powerful Personality
How to Win Friends & Self-Motivation
Positive Thinking & Self-Motivation
Setting & Achieveing Goals
Understanding Body Language
Indentifying Your Personality Type & Suitable Careers for You
Understanding Different Personality Types (MBTI)
Time Management
Developing Super Powerful Memory
Secret of the Super Powerful Memory
Secret of the Super Rich
Effective Communication (Or Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP)
The Art of Convincing (Basics of Sales, Marketing & Negotiations)
Effective Telephone Techniques
The Art of Interesting Conversation
How to Face an Interview
How to Get a Job of Your Choice
How to start your Own Business
How to Set and Achieve Goals
Principles of Personal Finance and Investment (Rich Dad Poor Dad)
Love and Marriage
Sex and AIDS
Current Socio-Economic and Political Problems of India and the World
Global Warming