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Classes from Dec 17, 2018 (Mon) to Feb 17, 2019 (Sun)
5) Morning: 7:15 to 10 am, (Mon - Sat)
Rs. 29,000 + Rs. 5220 (18% GST) = Rs. 34,220

Early Bird Discounts:
Because Early Birds help us save advertising expenses

Diwali Vacation


Nov 2 to Nov 18


- Rs. 1250 on or before Thursday, Nov 22, 2018

Thus, net fees will be Rs. 29,000 – Disc. Rs. 1250 = Fees Rs. 27750 + Rs. 4995 GST @ 18%= Rs. 32,745.


- Rs. 1000 on or before Monday, Nov 26, 2018

Thus, net fees will be Rs. 29,000 – Disc. Rs. 1000 = Fees Rs. 28000 + Rs. 5040 GST @ 18%= Rs. 33,040.


- Rs. 750 on or before Thursday, Nov 29, 2018

Thus, net fees will be Rs. 29,000 – Disc. Rs. 750 = Fees Rs. 28250 + Rs. 5085 GST @ 18%= Rs. 33.335.


- Rs. 500 on or before Monday, Dec 3, 2018

Thus, net fees will be Rs. 29,000 – Disc. Rs. 500 = Fees Rs. 28500 + Rs. 5130 GST @ 18%= Rs. 33,630.


- Rs. 250 on or before Thursday, Dec 6, 2018

Thus, net fees will be Rs. 29,000 – Disc. Rs. 250 = Fees Rs. 28,750 + Rs. 5175 GST @ 18%= Rs. 33,925.


- Rs. 0 on or after Friday, Dec 7, 2018

Thus, net fees will be Rs. 29,000 – Disc. Rs. 0 = Fees Rs. 29,000 + Rs. 5220 GST @ 18%= Rs. 34,220.




You can deposit cash or cheque or online transfer in the FULL name of "Dipti Shah's Institute of English and Public Speaking" in your town or city in any branch near you of either (inform us the details of your name, address, amount, date, bank, branch on and call/sms on Amitbhai - 09825019783 (Whattsapp) /Diptiben - 09327460839)


  • ICICI BANK - OUR ACCT NO. 006705003945
    Jodhpur Gam Branch, Satellite, Ahmedabad 380015
    RTGS/NEFT IFSC code: ICIC0000067


  • HDFC BANK - OUR ACCT NO. 00482020002016
    Abhishilp, Judges Bunglow Rd, Vejalpur Branch, Ahmedabad 380015

  • UNION BANK OF INDIA - OUR ACCT NO. 422301010014059
    Jodhpur, Ahmedabad, 380015
    RTGS/NEFT  IFSC: UBIN0542237


      .   Kotak Mahindra Bank OUR ACCT NO. 1311550246                 
             Ring Road, Ahmedabad 380013
             RTGS/NEFT  IFSC: KKBK0000838








1) Two passport size photos   2) Refundable library deposit of Rs. 500 in cash  

3) Full fees   4) Signed Cancellation and Transfer Agreement



If you wish to pay by debit or credit card, you should come to our class office in person on 2nd Floor, Asopalav House during 9 am to 12 noon only.


No cancellation charges will apply if a student cancels his registration before the starting date of the classes. From the first day of the batch, 2.5% of the fees per day will be deducted as cancellation charges until the day you inform us about your decision to cancel in writing/email, regardless of your actual attendance. Additional Rs. 1,000 will be deducted for the material given to students. By paying fees, your guardians and you confirm that you agree to and accept the terms and conditions of Cancellation & Transfer Charges and possible Dismissal for Misconduct.



Transfer to any subsequent sessions is usually not allowed; however, if such an application is granted under special circumstances, the applicants will have to pay Rs. 1,000 as a non-refundable transfer charge along with the Transfer Application. The applicants will be allowed to join from when they stopped coming in the previous batch and not from the beginning. The Transfer Application will be valid for the batches available only within 12 months of the date of the beginning of the original batch the student had joined. Anyone who has not paid Rs. 1,000 non-refundable transfer charge along with the Transfer Application, at the time of leaving the class, will be considered a drop-out. Such a person can only join again as a fresh student by paying full fees. If no batch is available or convenient during that time period, one has to cancel as per cancellation agreement only.


Dismissal for Misconduct:

If a student is found to be disturbing the atmosphere and discipline of the class and creating obstacles for others to study, he/she may be asked to permanently leave the class. Refunds, if any, will be as per the above Cancellation Policy.


NO PROMISES Or GUARANTEES OF ANY KIND ARE MADE BY DIPTI SHAH’S INSTITUTE OF ENGLISH for your performance, in spite of thousands of students benefiting greatly by our teachings.  Your performance depends a great deal on your ability and capacity to learn in addition to self-discipline, dedication, determination, hard work, punctuality, regularity, home work, internal motivation, support from your family and other circumstances, etc. Please note that there are no make-up sessions, if you miss any classes.